Thursday, October 15, 2015

“Steady Waves” by Cross Record – A Song Review

     Some songs have the power to hold a listener in a single position, attempting not to make a noise that would interfere with the song. For us, “Steady Waves” had that power with the first listen. The song sandwiches forceful instrumentation between end segments of gentle but dark vocals supported by an acoustic focus. In contrast to the gentleness of the end segments, the guitar in the center is appropriate for a cinematic scene in which “reinforcements” are arriving when the situation seems hopeless.
     Cross Record is Emily Cross, along with her husband Dan Duszynski. They are currently working from Austin, Texas, but were previously based in Chicago. Cross Record is scheduled to release an album, “Wabi-Sabi,” on January 26, 2016. 

     “Steady Waves” by Cross Record

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