Saturday, October 31, 2015

“Dealer” by Foxing – An Album Review

By Rebecca Gross (Twitter: @becsgross)

     Foxing, an Indie rock band out of St. Louis, Missouri, have just released their second album, “Dealer,” and the group’s sound is as consistent as ever. While the group pulls from their post-rock/emo roots, they manage to create their own genre with this new album. With an ambient and fluid—yet powerful—sound, “Dealer” is hard to turn off. Reminiscent of a cross between Arcade Fire, The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, Beirut, and a bit of Death Cab For Cutie, the sound Foxing produces on this album is without a doubt unmatched by all other music currently being released.
     One of the major distinctions this album possesses compared to others is the wide variety of instruments heard, and the unique way in which instruments are used in conjunction with each other on this album. Classic Indie rock instruments such as guitar and drums are heard, but they are used creatively. The harmonica, piano, and trumpet are also employed, permeating a new realm of sound most bands will not delve into.
      There are many great finds on this album, but the best tracks are those that project more ambient tones than peppier, upbeat ones. Almost symphonic in sound, “Winding Cloth” immerses listeners in waves of sound and instrumentals. One of the best songs on the album to check out is “Indica,” which contains mostly ambient and soft-spoken vibes, but still manages to throw in trumpet and interestingly downbeat tones at parts, which is highly representative of the album in entirety. The lyrics are also beautifully tragic, and speak to drug induced guilt: “And of war bonds and blood stained hands / Combat neurosis shys from indica strands.” Enjoy the matchless melodic sounds, while contemplating deep lyrics created by Foxing with their new album.

     “Indica" by Foxing

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