Sunday, October 18, 2015

“Silver” by The Watermelons – A Song Review

     Compared to their previously released material, The Watermelons removed their Pop genre hats for the song “Silver” and instead went with stylish Rock headwear. The fit is a good one. Intentionally incorporated guitar feedback, a touch of shoegaze, and periodic touches of guitar from the 1970’s Outlaws band (first heard at 1:13) – these are not characteristic of the music from The Watermelons.
     We are also fans of the “team vocals,” which are at their best starting at the 2:00 mark. Even the mid-song lulls add to the allure of “Silver,” particularly the one that precedes the energy build beginning at 2:44.
     The Watermelons are Toby Bain (vocals & guitar), David Kelly (vocals & bass), Sam Salkeld (lead guitar), and Matthew Wagstaff (drums). They identify West Sussex, UK as the hometown of the band, but Brighton as its current location. 

     “Silver” by The Watermelons

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