Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Miner and Katie and I – Song Reviews

     The odds are against simultaneous obsessions with two Folk-based songs featuring male/female vocal blends. Let’s increase the level of difficulty – the first name of the female members must be “Kate.” Well, it almost happened; one is Kate and the other is Katie.
     One song is “Better Instincts” by Miner, which is the last name of three members. The husband-and-wife team of Kate and Justin Miner is joined by Jeremy Miner (brother of Justin) and Tobias Urbanczyk. Miner is based in Los Angeles.
     “Better Instincts” is destined for an album, “Tuanaki,” scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2016. According to Kate:
“’Better Instincts’ explores the perpetual inner battle between our aspirations and darker impulses - a battle often lost despite our best intentions.”

     The second song is “Bones” by Katie and I. Katie is Katie Overbury, while the “I” member is Lewis Veakins. They are a singer/songwriter duo in Liverpool.
     “Bones” is blogworthy because of the quality and attractiveness of the two voices and the arrangement of the vocalization. The strings that appear in the second half of the song are the bonus. 

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