Tuesday, October 27, 2015

From the Mailbox of Indie Obsessive – The October Post

      Each week we consistently dig deep into the treasure trove of email submissions, read the stories of artists as they create and release new music, and listen to songs from around the world.  Truly we are grateful for the volume of submissions we receive, so please continue to send them along!  Since we are not able to post song or album reviews for each submission, we will start a series of posts to share noteworthy obsessive highlights from the Indie Obsessive mailbox.
This month’s Mailbox features email submissions
received directly from the Artists featured below.

Presented by Karen M.
     From a minimalist email submission, we received this message:
“Hello.  This is Jon Worthy.  I just released a solo EP ‘Unconventional’ and wanted to submit it for review.  Below are links to my Facebook and SoundCloud pages.
     “I’m so Lost” by Jon Worthy

      Quoting the email we received from the band Sundara Karma:
We wanted to send you the new video for our track 'Vivienne’.  'Vivienne' is the lead track from our upcoming release ‘EP II.’”
      “Vivienne” by Sundara Karma

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SundaraKarma

      From the email we received: 
Hello!  My name is Aisha Badru, I’m an artist based in New York.  This morning (October 20) I released a new single from my upcoming, second EP (to be released in March) and would love to be considered to have my single featured on your blog."
     “Young” by Aisha Badru

Facebook: www.facebook.com/aishabadrumusic

     From the email we received, The Masks wrote:  
We would like to submit our latest Officer ‘Chasing Glory’ for consideration to your blog.  It’s a collaborative track with Rossi Riko about self-reflection and making a change, starting with the man in the mirror.”
     “Chasing Glory” by The Masks

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