Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dominant Female Vocals – The October Post

     The common feature among the songs in this post is a heavy reliance upon female vocals. A song with vocals which accompany equally powerful instrumentation would not qualify. The vocals must dominate the song.

     Lyrically, “60 Minutes” is about a relationship that is ending, with the woman selflessly staying quiet with a secret that might cause the man she loves to reconsider. The woman allows the man to leave her, because he needs his freedom. Instrumentally, “60 Minutes” is a lesson in how to use percussion to effectively drive a song, while allowing strings to subtly appear and then quickly disappear. Vocally, the song is an announcement that London will soon be the epicenter of a popularity earth movement named “Emmi.” 
      Emmi is currently based in London, but she is from Perth, Western Australia. 
     “60 Minutes” by Emmi

     Lanterns on the Lake is a band formed by Hazel Wilde, Paul Gregory, Ol (Oliver) Ketteringham, and Bob Allan. They are based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK. Within their song “Faultlines,” it’s the vocals of Hazel Wilde that provides the qualification for this post. It’s the piano that guaranteed that the song would be part of the post.  
     “Faultlines" by Lanterns on the Lake

     Ardyn is the sister-and-brother duo of Katy and Rob Pearson. They are twins from Gloucestershire, UK. The song “Universe” is the title track of an upcoming EP, which is scheduled for release on November 13. 
     “Universe” by Ardyn

     Kissy is the performance name of Sasha Ortiz, a singer/producer from Austin, Texas. She is currently based in Brooklyn. Kissy has toured as a backup singer for The Kills and Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings, but now shows her skills with the release of “Even If the Cops Come.”
      “Even If the Cops Come” by Kissy 

     Let’s finish with an Indie Punk trio from London. Cat Bear Tree are Zoe Konez (guitar, vocals), Claudia Mansaray (bass, vocals) and Sarah Smith (drums, vocals). The band features guitar hooks and three voices that are individually sufficiently strong to vocally carry a band.
     “Adult” by Cat Bear Tree

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