Tuesday, October 27, 2015

“Talk in Riddles” by Kassassin Street - A Song Review

     Kassassin Street continues to evidence increasing maturity. We enjoyed earlier releases, particularly “Centre Straight Atom.” That song is an explosion of energy. And if there is a use of a simple woodblock that can be referred to as “brilliant,” then we’ll argue that it should be applied to the 2:18 mark and the later return of the woodblock in “Centre Straight Atom.”
     The early releases of Kassassin Street were not immature in structure or execution. But the latest release, “Talk in Riddles” shows an understanding that typically requires more experience than a band in its first year of releases. The song begins with a short Halloween-ready intro leading to an energy-filled Pop sound. The sophistication appears later. Probably the best example is during the instrument-only segment starting at 2:13. At that time, “Talksin Riddles” is relatively simple, with one of the two instrument contributions merely alternating between two notes. Soon, it becomes apparent that a transition is to occur. No big deal, song transitions are common, right? The sophistication is in the execution. At 2:43, the slow crescendo launches the transition. The crescendo clearly signals the approach, but the energy transition still has an unexpected “kick.”

     The members of Kassassin Street are Rowan Bastable, Nathan Hill, Ryan Hill, Andy Hurst, and Tom Wells. The band is based in Southsea, U.K.  
     “Talk in Riddles” by Kassassin Street

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