Sunday, December 10, 2017

“All Went Black” by AnastasiaMAX – A Song Review

     And we thought we had troubles during our school bus years! The first half of the video “All Went Black” shows 14-year old Anastasia harassed by bus-riding masked bullies. Anastasia is one-quarter of the band and one-half of the sister/brother members who lend their names to AnastasiaMax. Bother Maximillian Brenner is four years her elder. The other two members are Sage Duvall (drums) and Steph Pino (bass).

     “All Went Black” shows a Bluesy vocal strength and a passion that will open doors far beyond their hometown of Boca Raton, Florida. The start of the song is heavily percussive. The piano is played percussively, rather than melodically. The bass follows suit. It isn’t until the second half that the instruments show their strengths. 

     “All Went Black” by AnastasiaMAX 


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