Sunday, December 3, 2017

“Simmer Down” by SuperGlu – A Song Review

     We marked “Simmer Down” for a post feature in late April or early May. No excuse for waiting this long, because it has so many strong components and their introductions are strategic.

      Listening to the first third of “Simmer Down” does nothing to prepare you for the final third. This track from SuperGlu begins with a Folk feel. The first energy step occurs at 0:55, but it’s a small one. A more significant one hits at 1:18, when the track steps closer to the Pop genre. Then, just as you conclude you’ve properly pigeonholed the track, it goes into guitar drive at 2:04. Wait, we like it even more now. Oh, don’t get settled in. At 2:33, every band vocals-obsessed Indiehead stops cold, and the energy keeps taking upward steps. "Simmer Down" is a stadium-ready, don’t-get-your-foot-stomped-upon-by-overexuberant-giggoers, steady-acceleration track.

     SuperGlu is from Manningtree, UK. The band consists of brothers Benjamin and Alex Brown, Krista Lynch and Ben Ward.

     “Simmer Down” by SuperGlu 

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