Friday, December 22, 2017

“Dirty” by AnastasiaMAX – A Song Review

     In the debut single from AnastasiaMAX, the power and passion of Anastasia Brenner’s vocals soared above the other attractive features of “All Went Black.” The band’s sophomore release shows that Anastasia is not the only member of the family with vocal skills. Her older brother Maxamillion carries his share of the load during “Dirty.”

     “Dirty” is skillfully arranged, particularly the vocals. It’s typically Max who begins the thoughts, which Anastasia either completes or joins her brother to reinforce the message. Anastasia's voice is better at communicating emotion, but the driving guitar belongs to Max.  

     The official video of the song is embedded below. It shows the other two members of the band - Sage Duvall (drums) and Steph Pino (bass). They are based in Boca Raton, Florida. 

     The promotional material for "Dirty" explains:
  “The song describes the terrible experiences we all encounter with guilt and self-loathing, detailing the moments we simultaneously hate ourselves and our lover. AnastasiaMAX surpasses their age in their writing and performance, their latest string of releases are receiving highly impressive acclaim."

     “Dirty” by AnastasiaMAX 

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