Saturday, December 23, 2017

“Isolation” by The Racer – A Song Review

     At the risk of upsetting those in charge of determining political correctness, we’ll describe “Isolation” as a “frog boiler.” According to the parable, if a frog is placed in room-temperature water that is slowly heated, the change in conditions won’t be recognized. “Isolation” is a song in which the intensity increases, but it’s only after a careful and thoughtful focus that a listener appreciates the beauty and genius of how the steady increase is accomplished.

     “Isolation” begins with the distant-sounding vocals of a Lord Huron track. Soon, the lead vocals enter with a sound more closely aligned with a calm Eddie Vedder. At 2:23 the increase of intensity is more perceptible and “Isolation” slowly moves into a vibe that The Racer own outright.

     The Racer is a band from Monroe, NY. The members are Pete Marotta (vocals, keys), Mike Esserman (guitar, keys), Steve Kondracki (guitar, keys), Eric Sosler (bass, keys), and Mike Perri (drums, percussion).

     “Isolation” by The Racer

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