Tuesday, December 26, 2017

“Subway Surfer“ by Fruit & Flowers – A Song Review

     It’s a travel week, so the posts will be low demand features. Quoting: 
  "Fruit & Flowers is a surfy garage rock band fronted by the trio of Caroline Yoder, Ana Becker and Lyzi Wakefield. Their dreamy jams incorporate elements of pyschedelic rock, punk, and indie into a noisy, melodic concoction best heard on speakers at full blast. Fruit & Flowers have been grinding in the Brooklyn scene for a while now, but have steadily stepped out into larger tours to spread their colorful rock across the nation."

     The members are Caroline Yoder (lead vocals, bass), Ana Becker (lead guitar, vocals), Lyzi Wakefield (rhythm guitar, vocals), and Jose Berrio (drums).

     “Subway Surfer“ by Fruit & Flowers 

Website: http://www.fruitxflowers.com/

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