Friday, December 8, 2017

“Are You Ready Now” by The Hunter Express – A Song Review

     The latest single from The Hunter Express has much in common with Lou Reed’s seemingly timeless “Take a Walk on the Wild Side.” The 1972 track exposed the societal fringe of the New York scene, without being judgmental. In comparison, “Are You Ready Now” nonjudgmentally tells the story of the financially strapped fringe in Australia by describing the routine of a person who is behind in paying her rent, despite working three jobs. Both vocalists use a melodic speaking style with sentence modulation which leaves many of the sentences without conventional "closure" (for example, each line in the opening verse from The Hunter Express).

     Another common characteristic is that both songs are more interesting because they bring in at least one female voice. And both songs were written by singer/songwriter/storytellers. “Are You Ready Now” provides insights into the lifestyle in Australia, which helps explain the mention of the television program “Rage,” the reference to Dame Pattie Avenue, and the selection of Amazing” by Alex Lloyd as the song to which she dances.

     The Hunter Express is an Indie Rock/Folk project of Melbourne’s Brad Ellis. Lately, we’ve been giving The Hunter Express extra attention as we consider where to fit the song “Cool” into our list of Best Songs of 2017. Almost without question, it will be in the top 30. “Cool” and “Are You Ready Now” are tracks on the self-titled LP of The Hunter Express. Quoting press content:
  "The LP brings a level of growth and maturity in Ellis’ songwriting, working with engineer Callum Barter at Newmarket Studios, capturing a unique mix of live band and vocal takes, and sometimes using entire demo recordings for the single, ‘Cool.’ Working with many different collaboratives, the collective sound involves artists including Jarrad Brown (Dorsal Fins), Olaf Scott (Saskwatch), Fraser A. Gorman and Matt Dixon (Broads) and many more."

     “Are You Ready Now” by The Hunter Express 

Lyrics of “Are You Ready Now” by The Hunter Express
She drove her car down Dame Pattie Avenue
Moved in over the summer
She liked watching “Rage,” till early in the morning
She dances in her room to “Amazing” by Alex Lloyd

They said they only want the best for you
Yet things don’t really last how they used to
Working three jobs just to pay the bills
You gotta love ya cheap Sunday roast

Are you ready now?
You ready?
Are you ready now?
You ready?

And you’re keeping it real
Ya veggies in the backyard
Just get you by, cause shopping’s a steal

Hazel, the landlord she spoke to you
She said, “Love, your rent’s 3 weeks behind.”
She knows damn well that things have been slow for you
But nothing ever stops until it’s dead

She took a walk down Main Street
The real estates are getting in now
They’ll take you for a ride, ride you straight down the line
Oh, she looks right, and takes a crossing, and keeps walking

Are you ready now?
You ready?
You ready now?
You ready?

And you’re keeping shit real
Ya veggies in the backyard
Just get you by, cause shopping’s a steal

She does all right just to get by
Keeping them shades on the house
Down low when the sun’s high
It’s about time you had your friends around
Cause weekends are for free
And your minds blown

Are you ready now?
Ya ready?
Ya ready now?
Oh honey, are you ready?

Oh, you ready now?
Oh, you ready?
Are you ready now?
Say darling, are you ready?

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