Friday, July 27, 2018

“Ready For The Harrow” by Joel Porter – A Song Feature

      Like every one of my classmates, I disliked English-class poetry study. Still, like many music-lovers, I am stirred by, enjoy and admire poetry put to melody. Somewhere there is an English teacher who uses the difference to create an appreciation of poetry that will travel with her/his students for the rest of their lives.

    That was our thinking while listening to “Ready For The Harrow” by Joel Porter. He is from Bismarck, North Dakota, but went to Nashville “to find his truth.” He describes himself as being a Tennessee rental. In 2017, with the guidance of producer Eric Hillman (Foreign Fields), he introduced his intimate, ambient-folk solo project with the release of the nature-inspired "Mountain Twin EP." Again in collaboration with Hillman, Joel is set to release his heritage-inspired "Hiraeth EP'" in August 2018.

      He explains “Ready For The Harrow:”
  “In biblical terms, the ‘harrow’ refers to Christ’s decent into hell to free the righteous held captive. I was inspired by that idea…and the act of an intentional release of what is held captive. This song is about finding a peace that we choose after we “till” our inner spaces, break up the clots we’ve formed, reform, and prepare to greet what is next.”

      “Ready For The Harrow” by Joel Porter


Lyrics “Ready For The Harrow” by Joel Porter
(Blessed be the days we still have yet)

Up on highland hill
Just beyond the furrow near
Autumn light and harvest lupine
Blend to violet

Witnessing this glimpse
Traces of tomorrow sing
‘Neath the bridge in barren echo
Lay the what has been
Hear the vesper grow
A peaceful call to follow

August in my name
Season for this errand clear
Worry not now little brother
I carry it the same

In this confidence
Dead-ends are untethered here
Shed away the kept and vetted
Ebb the what has been

For peace beyond the hollow carry on
The red-letter Amen
To all my lost
I’m ready for the harrow

I’m ready for the harrow

I’ll miss this simple life
Youth that I have borrowed, dear
Never mine to own, now sits alone
Ready for veneer

I feel the prairie sigh
Bending wheat wave goodbye, dear
Follow now the fleeting silence
Into foreign fields
Peace in all I’ve left
And all I’ve loved
At peace awaiting what is yet to come

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  1. I'm telling you, man. This guy makes music that is so effortlessly touching and it amazes me.