Saturday, April 27, 2013

F Bombs on the Radar – Free, Legal and Recommended Downloads

     In 2009, Mumford & Sons released “Little Lion Man” with a number of F bombs. A “socially acceptable” version received far more exposure, but most fans of the band heard the song in its unedited form. Well, the band did experience some success, right?
     KNESSET and Chester Endersby Gwazda are two current entries in the F Bomb arena.
     KNESSET identifies itself as being from Phoenix, but is currently based in Los Angeles. The members are E. Fox (Guitar, Vox), E. Graf (Bass), M. Bell (Drums, Percussion), and M. Manger (Mallet Percussion, Rhodes). The song “RVRSE” contains a number of the F bombs. But we have been semi-obsessed with the song for a month and haven’t turned to drugs or a life of crime. Therefore, we have reached the appropriate comfort level in recommending this song to others.
     “RVRSE” by KNESSET – currently a FLR download (Free, Legal and Recommended)

     “Steady Hands” by KNESSET – currently a FLR download.

     If your browser doesn't show the free download, CLICK HERE 
Assuming you enjoy the music of KNESSET as much as we do, we recommend the purchase of their album from the site

      Chester Endersby Gwazda is a producer in Baltimore, Maryland. In the Indie world, he has a very impressive collection of connections. His Bandcamp page includes the following:
“Here's a short selection of projects I've produced:
Dan Deacon "America"
Future Islands "On the Water"
Cloud Nothings "Cloud Nothings"
Ecstatic Sunshine "Way"
Cara Beth Satalino "The Good Ones"
Dan Deacon "Bromst"
Air Waves "Air Waves EP"
Future Islands "In Evening Air"
Lonnie Walker "These Times Old Times"
Junk Culture "Hang Roxy" (mixed)
Ed Schrader's Music Beat "Jazz Mind" (mixed).”

     The song containing the word which establishes qualification for this blog entry is "Skewed." At least for now, it is another FLR download.

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