Thursday, July 11, 2013

Emily Wolfe – A Band Review

     Lately, there have been a number of attractive offerings on the NoiseTrade website. If you are unfamiliar with NoiseTrade, below is our explanation from an earilier post:
     "It requires some searching, but NoiseTrade ( is a good tool for music discoveries.  Just steam the music and download the entire offering if you enjoy the songs.  The music is made available by artists of various genres, with the hope that the exposure will be beneficial (and that there will be some "tips"). The bands take the opportunity to expand their email lists.  At first, we didn't give our actual postal code, but started to do so when we realized that one purpose is to allow the band to send email notifications when they are performing within driving distance of particular fans."

     During the month of July, Emily Wolfe has a NoiseTrade offer. This is a band based in Austin, Texas, and its members are Emily Wolfe (vocals, guitars), Hannah Hagar (keys, vocals), Sam Pankey (bass), and Jeffrey Olson (drums). The NoiseTrade offer includes the following:
As an independent artist, funding is tricky -- especially as a four-piece. We rely heavily on merchandise sales (and of course, "the kindness of strangers") with ticket sales being secondary. So, now through the end of July, we are offering up our newest EP "Mechanical Hands" for free, and are asking fans to donate/tip to help us make these amazing shows a reality; 100% of everything you donate will help us cover travel expenses including transportation (car, gas, cargo-hauling), food (we plan on bringing a rice-cooker on the road so this cost will be minimal), a place to sleep (though we plan on crashing on couches and in spare rooms in exchange for our undying gratitude as much as possible), and any other miscellaneous things that could happen along the way (road trips always have their hiccups).

We greatly appreciate all of the support and cannot thank you enough!

-- E. Wolfe

   It's time to show Emily Wolfe some love. Our song of preference from the band is "Lion Heart."

     The NoiseTrade Offer includes "Lion Heart" and two other songs that we strongly recommend - "Mechanical Hands" (the title track) and "Howl." To sample the songs from the Emily Wolfe EP, “click” on the arrow within the embedded “Mechanical Hands” offering. If the offer does not appear in your browser, try the original site (remember, the offer may expire on August 1).

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