Tuesday, March 10, 2015

“All Your Love Is Gone” by Boxed In – A Song Review

     There are strong contradictory arguments regarding whether “All Your Love Is Gone” should be identified as a current song. Yes, it's on this year's debut album by Boxed In. And yes, Boxed In will be at SXSW this month to promote that album. On the other hand, we posted the song in 2013.
     Within that original post of the song, the comparison was made to LCD Soundsystem, since “All Your Love Is Gone” uses a repetitive pattern of only a few piano keys to very effectively establish and maintain a cadence. The comparison doesn't seem as obvious today, but we don’t disagree.

     The members of the London-based band are Oli Bayston (vocals, keyboards), Liam Hutton (drums), Mark Nicholls (bass) and Jack Benfield (synths). 
     “All Your Love Is Gone” by Boxed In

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