Thursday, March 12, 2015

“Black Cat White Cat” by Annalibera

     The attraction to the song ”Black Cat White Cat” was solidly in place before the realization that Annalibera is based in Des Moines, Iowa – a city that is receiving its first mention by Indie Obsessive. There is a connection with Des Moines, since one of us enjoyed the city for two college years.
     The core members of Annalibera are Anna Gebhardt (vocals, keyboards), Phil Young (bass) and Ryan Stier (guitar, vocals). Gebhardt is a classically trained singer and pianist, which may provide some understanding of the execution of the vocal fluctuations of “Black Cat White Cat.” There isn’t a great amount of similarity between the two bands, but listening to Annalibera reminds us of the last two opportunities to attend a live performance by Florence Welsh of Florence and the Machine. It is popular to use the term “mesmerizing” in describing a song or song feature. Our only experiences with a state we would characterize as being mesmerized were during performances of Florence and the Machine, when the sound system and acoustics allowed the concert-goers to appreciate the extraordinary vocal skills. In a similar setting, Annalibera could provide another visit to that state.  
     The vocalization is the strength “Black Cat White Cat.” Still, it’s a mistake to assume the instruments don’t deserve close attention. The guitar notes are sometimes sparse, but that provides an opportunity to consider the shoegaze processing. Similar to the vocals, there are interesting volume fluctuations that less creative people would not have included.   

     “Black Cat White Cat” by Annalibera

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