Friday, April 24, 2015

NoiseTrade Free Downloads – Bonnaroo and Others

     Below are more than 50 free songs. NoiseTrade is a site used by bands and festivals to promote their music. The offers of free downloads help spread the word. Typically, the offers are limited to a set period of time or a set number of downloads, so don’t wait. A valid email address is required, but NoiseTrade does not use the address for reasons unrelated to music. Tips are appreciated.
      Embedded below are some recent NoiseTrade offers. By clicking on the arrow within an embedded offer, you can sample the tracks. Because Soundcloud versions of the songs are more easily manipulated, we also embedded the Soundcloud versions of the Indie Obsessive recommendations.

      The first offer is from the Bonnaroo Music Festival and it includes 38 songs from artists who will perform at the 2015 event. We are selecting just one to embed.
      “4th and Roebling” by The Districts

     If you are ta fan of Death Cab for Cutie, this download is for you.
     “Dialogue” by Valise

     We are fans of the “Experimental” sound of Little Moon & Fox Killer. This song is "Reconciled."

     Mew is from Copenhagen. They offer plugged and unplugged versions of two songs. One is “Satellites.”

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