Thursday, December 24, 2015

“Invisible Tears” by Patti Yang Group – Song Review

     “Invisible Tears” is a good candidate for the study of musical momentum. In mechanics, momentum is the product of the mass of a body and its velocity. Starting at the 2:41 mark of the song, changes in “Invisible Tears” give the feel that the song is built around periodic changes in velocity (tempo). But it’s the mass that is interesting. A change in the guitar line adjusts the mass of the song, and therefore its gravitational attraction. Bottom line – we like the start of “Invisible Tears” and enjoy it more as it travels along.

     Patti Yang divides her time between London and Los Angeles. According to her press material, she is in the final stages of recording her debut record with Jagz Kooner, Matty Skylab and Chris Rotter.
     “Invisible Tears” by Patti Yang Group

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