Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The NPR Offer – 100 Free Songs (2017)

          100 Free Songs?!! Yes, each year NPR selects songs from 100 artists headed to Austin for South by Southwest (SXSW). The collection is intended to provide a preview. This year’s collection is a strong one. A complete list is included at the bottom of this post. To the credit of NPR many genres are represented.

     There are four options in listening to the music.
        1. Steam the songs via the NPR One app - CLICK HERE
        2. Steam the songs using Spotify CLICK HERE.
        3. Until March 31, the 100 songs can be downloaded in a bulk ZIP file. The link is available at http://www.npr.org/2017/03/01/517751061/the-austin-100
        4. Until March 31, download individual songs from the same site included in Option 3.

          Some of the songs were featured in previous posts of Indie Obsessive. For example, “Edge of Town” by Middle Kids and “Destitute” by Christopher Paul Stelling were featured in posts within the last month. But here are some additional songs we recommend. 

     "Thread" by Migrant Kids

     "Pause Button" by Particle Devotion 

     "Arizona” by Frances Cone

     "Familiar" by Agnes Oble 

     "Goji Berry Sunset" by Jealous of the Birds

      "Califone" by No Joy 

2017 SXSW Austin 100 (thank you NPR)
Aaron Lee Tasjan, "Little Movies"
Adam Torres, "I Came To Sing The Song"
Agnes Obel, "Familiar"
Aldous Harding, "Horizon"
All Our Exes Live In Texas, "Boundary Road"
Allison Crutchfield, "I Don't Ever Wanna Leave California"
Annabelle Chairlegs, "Watermelon Summer"
Be Charlotte, "Machines That Breathe"
Big Thief, "Masterpiece"
Boogarins, "Elogio Á Instituição Do Cinismo"
Brent Cobb, "Shine On Rainy Day"
Calliope Musicals, "Sink Or Swim"
Canyon City, "Paper Airplanes"
Carson McHone, "Poet"
Charlie Cunningham, "An Opening"
Charly Bliss, "Ruby"
Cherry Glazerr, "Nurse Ratched"
Christopher Paul Stelling, "Destitute"
Close Talker, "Afterthought"
Coco Hames, "I Don't Wanna Go"
Crywolf, "Weight"
Dawg Yawp, "I'll Quit Tomorrow"
De Osos, "Todo El Ruido Entre Nosotros
Dem Yuut, "Dawn / Sea”
Derrick Hart, "you're winning so i quit"
Emily Reo, "Spell"
Eric Biddines, "Peeuurrnn"
Frances Cone, "Arizona”
Frankie Rose, "Know Me”
Gaelynn Lea, "Watch The World Unfold"
Golden Dawn Arkestra, "Stargazer
Goon, "Cammie At Night"
Gurr, "Moby Dick"
Holly Macve, "Heartbreak Blues"
Hoops, "Cool 2”
Iron Reagan, "Dying World"
Japanese Breakfast, "Everybody Wants To Love You:
Jay Som, "The Bus Song"
Jealous Of The Birds, "Goji Berry Sunset”
Johnny Flynn, "Heart Sunk Hank"
Julie Byrne, "Follow My Voice"
L.A. Salami, "Going Mad As The Street Bins"
Le Butcherettes, "Shave The Pride"
Let's Eat Grandma, "Deep Six Textbook"
The Lighthouse And The Whaler, "I Want To Feel Alive”
Lillie Mae, "Honky Tonks & Taverns"
Liniker E Os Caramelows, "Remonta"
Living Hour, "Steady Glazed Eyes"
LVL UP, "The Closing Door"
Manu Delago, "A Step (feat. Pete Josef)"
Marisa Anderson, "He Is Without His Guns"
Meat Wave, "Run You Out”
Middle Kids, "Edge Of Town"
Migrant Kids, "Thread"
Moor Mother, "Deadbeat Protest"
Moses Boyd Exodus, "Rye Lane Shuffle"
Nick Hakim, "Bet She Looks Like You"
Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, "dOn't turn me Off (feat. JD AKA ThrashKitten & Mal Devisa)"
No Joy, "Califone"
Noga Erez, "Pity"
Noname, "Diddy Bop (feat. Raury & Cam O'bi)"
Otoboke Beaver, "S'il Vous Plait"
Outer Spaces, "Words"
Overcoats, "Hold Me Close"
Palm, "Crank”
Particle Devotion, "Pause Button"
Perro, "Reptiliano”
Phoebe Bridgers, "Smoke Signals"
Phoria, "Emanate"
Porter Ray, "Arithmetic (feat. Infinite & Stas THEE Boss)"
Priests, "JJ"
pronoun, "a million other things"
R.LUM.R, "Frustrated"
The Regrettes, "Hot"
River Whyless, "Life Crisis"
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, "Julie's Place"
Sad13, "<2”
Sammus, "1080p"
Seckond Chaynce, "Can't Take This From Me"
Slingshot Dakota, "You"
Sneaks, "Inside Edition”
SOHN, "Signal”
Split Single, "Untry Love"
Sven Helbig, "Abendglühen"
Tancred, "Bed Case"
Teen Daze, "Cycle"
Temples, "Certainty”
Tkay Maidza, "Simulation"
Tombs, "Deceiver"
Totally Mild, "When I'm Tired"
Trapo, "Speed"
Tribu Baharú, "Made In Tribu Baharú"
Troker, "Principe Charro"
Tunde Olaniran, "Namesake"
Vagabon, "Fear & Force”
Valley Queen, "Stars Align"
Weaves, "Tick"
Will Stratton, "Some Ride"
Yussef Kamaal, "Lowrider"

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