Tuesday, May 30, 2017

“Listen to Your Mother” by Special Thumbs – A Song Review

     “Listen to Your Mother” is a well-crafted coalition of elements from different, but related, genres. Although more limited in number, the guitars achieve the strength, texturing, and frequency range of Post Rock. Still, the bass is Bluesy at times and, unlike Post Rock, vocals play a key role. The song structure most closely resembles Rock/Pop – verse, chorus, verses, chorus, verse.
     At times, the vocals in the song by Special Thumbs are Dream-like. For example, during the first encounter with the chorus, the approach is close to a suggestion to listen to your mother. And in the verse as to what “my parents told me,” the atmosphere is even ethereal. In comparison, the vocals during the second encounter with the chorus are demanding. The variations in vocalization approaches keep the song "fresh" and aid in communicating the message of the lyrics.

     We are never shy when it comes to identifying our favorite feature in a song. For “Listen to Your Mother,” it’s the percussion/synth/guitar build that begins at the 1:21 mark.

    Special Thumbs are a four-member band in Oklahoma City. The members are Patrick Greene (vocals, guitar), Joey Riley (keyboard, vocals), Jared Fatkin (bass), and Ryan McGuire (drums).

     “Listen to Your Mother” by Special Thumbs

Lyrics of “Listen to Your Mother” by Special Thumbs
Young one, you are not doing enough
Tough, You could be somethin’
I laugh when it starts to get rough
Love keeps it together

Listen to your mother
No one ever made it alone
All our sons and daughters
Conquering a make-believe throne

Far gone, theory of love undone
None welcomed your wisdom
True, you measure by number
Tribute stolen by slumber

Well my parents told me
When I was young to grow old
But my patience told me
Sedulity will compel me to form

Listen to your mother
I will never make it alone
Why'd you even bother
Conquering a make-believe throne?

In a reality where
We all are to die young
Admit desire and need
Formulate from one tongue

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