Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cloud Cult Offers a Free Collection of Singles

      Cloud Cult bundled some of their most appreciated tracks as a download for the mere price of an email address. The offer is through Noisetrade. We were hoping that the generosity was partial a promotion for a major tour that would include a stop in our area. So far, only a smaller scale tour has been announced.
     The genre is difficult to pin down, but we'll select Experimental Chamber Rock. Cloud Cult resides in Duluth, Minnesota. The members are Craig Minowa (vocals, guitar), Connie Minowa (visual artist), Scott West (trumpet, visual artist), Shannon Frid-Rubin (violin), Shawn Neary (bass, trombone), Sarah Perbix (keyboard, French horn, trumpet), Daniel Zamzow (cello) and Jeremy Harvey (drums). 
      The Noisetrade offer is embedded below (click the arrow on the cover to sample the songs). It is a free download, but tips are appreciated. The song "Good Friend" is also embedded, since it is a personal favorite.

      “Good Friend” by Cloud Cult

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