Sunday, June 14, 2015

Wolf-Related Band Names

     If the trend continues, it will be difficult to find a 2016 festival without at least one performer having a wolf-related name. A list of Indie relevant bands and solo performers with a connection to “wolf” is included below. The list covers a wide swath of genres, including House (The Wolf of Wall Street), Electronica (Wolf Saga), Orchestral (Swallow and the Wolf), Folk (You, The Wolf), Rock (Gold Wolf), and Screamo (Blood of the Wolf).
     Below the list are some of our favorite recent songs by bands with the term “wolf” (or a phonetic equivalent) in the band name.

American Wolf 

Blood of the Wolf

Chelsea Wolfe

Cotton Wolf

Cub & Wolf 

Destani Wolf

Eda Wolf

Go Wolf

Gold Wolf

High Wolf
Howlin’ Wolf

Jai Wolf

James Wolf

Jesse & The Wolf
Juno and The Wolf

Kry Wolf

Lilly Wolf

Lone Wolf

Lunatic Wolf

Madi Wolf

Mt Wolf

Only Wolf
Orlando Wolf

Oscar and the Wolf

Sea Wolf

Sex Wolf

Sheep, Dog & Wolf
Sleeping Wolf

Solar Wolf

Sun and the Wolf

Swallow and the Wolf

The Dove and the Wolf
The Lion and the Wolf

The Wolf

The Wolf of Wall Street

Undilin & Wolfe

We Came from Wolves


Wolf Alice
Wolf and Dog
Wolf Cola

Wolf Collage

Wolf Colony

Wolf Gang

Wolf Girl

Wolf Headed Muse

Wolf Hut
Wolf Mountains

Wolf Parade
Wolf Saga

Wolf Saolent

Wolf Spider

Wolf Tide




Woolf and the Wondershow



You, the Wolf 

Young Wolf Hatchlings

     “Awake” by You, the Wolf – this is currently available as a free download (just click on the download arrow).

     “Am I Useful?” by We Came from Wolves – this is currently available as a free download (just click on the download arrow).

     “Roses” by Lunatic Wolf

     “SOS” by Swallow and the Wolf

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  1. I made a list in Feb '11 and got to 1000.