Thursday, June 18, 2015

Phono del Sol Music & Food Festival 2015

     The Phono del Sol Festival will occur in San Francisco on July 11. What’s not to like about a festival that is surprisingly affordable (just $30 for a general admission ticket), uncongested, catered by reasonably priced gourmet food trucks, and attended by a collection of blogworthy bands. This year’s lineup is particularly strong.
     In addition to Bay Area bands that deserve more recognition than they are currently receiving, Phono del Sol Festival will be invaded by some East Coast bands. If it’s fair to identify an emphasis on a particular genre, we’ll go with Pop. But the lineup also includes Rock (Marriages, with its infusion of Post-Rock instrumentation), Garage Rock (King Tuff), and Folk Rock (Scary Little Friends – a local band we strongly recommend).
     For more information and tickets, go to the festival's website:

     The festival will include eleven bands and eight food trucks. The eleven performers are Tanlines, King Tuff, Mas Ysa, Generationals, VÉRITÉ, Sonny & The Sunsets, Marriages, Everyone Is Dirty, Heartwatch (formally The Tropics), TIARAS, and Scary Little Friends. Below is a sampling of songs.

     “Margarita” by Mas Ysa (Thomas Arsenault of Woodstock, NY)

     “Look Up” by Mas Ysa

     "Slipping Away" by Tanlines

      “Wasteland” by VÉRITÉ

     “Sleepless” by Heartwatch (recent name change from The Tropics)

     Scary Little Friends is offering free downloads of the album “From the Beginnings.” All that is required is a valid email address, although tips are always appreciated.

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