Thursday, June 11, 2015

Empire Circus – A Band Review

     Because the Indie Obsessive “Band of Six” is headed to Ireland and London in July, we have been monitoring music venues of the cities on the itinerary. That’s how we discovered Empire Circus, a Dublin band that will be at Whelan’s on July 3. There is still doubt as to whether we’ll be in Dublin on July 3, or we would be the proud owners of six tickets to see Empire Circus.
     The members of Empire Circus are Neil Eurelle (vocals, bass), Alan Doyle (guitar, vocals), David Walsh (lead guitar, keyboards) and Brian Ellis (drums). They provide an Indie blend of Rock and Pop.
     The band released a self-titled debut album in 2013, but they have albums dating back to 1999 under another the name - Stand. According to reliable information (the band’s website), there will be fresh material very soon. We hope to be at Whelan's to hear a combination of the well tested and the newly minted material.

     “True Believer” by Empire Circus

          “All I Need” by Empire Circus

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