Monday, June 29, 2015

“Whails” by Ballerina Black – An EP Review

     It almost feels like Ballerina Black is family, probably because the Los Angeles band is one of the first we blogged about when we finally followed through on starting a blog. And when it comes to family, it’s always enjoyable to spread the word about new accomplishments.
     This morning we received the following short email announcement:
Ballerina Black just announced Whails EP, check it out here. 


      Congrats guys!!!
      The songs of the five-track EP have been available on Soundcloud for ten days. All five are enjoyable, but for different reasons. Our early selection for best feature is the Robert Smith (guitarist of The Cure) sound in “Heaven Sent.” That guitar sound first enters six seconds into the song.  But our early favorite song is "Isosceles,” which is best equipped to capitalize on the vocal and instrumental strengths at the disposal of Ballerina Black.
     The members of Ballerina Black are Bobby Moynahan (guitar, lead vocals), Esli Sugich (bass) and Scott Eton (keys, guitar). 

     "Isosceles" by Ballerina Black

     "Heaven Sent" by Ballerina Black

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