Tuesday, June 9, 2015

“Wild in City” by Wisht Hounds – A Song Review

     Electro-Pop is not the focus of Indie Obsessive, but we appreciate when it’s done well. “Wild in City” is done very well. The song is from Wisht Hounds. According to their Facebook page, “Wisht Hounds are born out of the bleak dark hills of Dartmoor, Devon, in the South West of England,” but they now reside in London. The members are Ella Edmondson and Rollo Smallcombe.

     Geographically, Wisht Hounds is in the U.K., while from the perspective of musical history they reside in the 80s. The hook-filled production of Rollo Smallcombe is woven with the wispy vocals of Ella Edmondson to provide a song that is both soothing and energizing, a combination that’s not easily accomplished.

     “Wild in City” by Wisht Hounds

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