Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Citie – A Band Introduction

     It isn’t difficult for a band to find free advice as to how to get noticed.  The oversimplified advice is that good music will attract the attention that will get a band’s music on Hype Machine and other music-influential sites. The reality is that generating quality music is difficult, but it’s only half the battle. There’s also the struggle of getting your music to the ears of potential fans. Indie Obsessive is not as influential as some of the long established blogs, but we receive at least 400 email submissions per month.  
      We don’t have any advice for bands. Still, we do identify some of the interesting approaches taken by bands. Indie Obsessive doesn’t put much energy into its Facebook presence. There are typically only two Facebook posts per month. However, the Facebook page got our attention yesterday, when a member of The Citie “liked” 20 posts and left two short messages. Well played Mr. Daniel Cohen! Ya gotta respect the fresh approach, so off we went to the Band’s music. It is quality music.
     The Citie is a Los Angeles-based band with three 2015 releases. There isn't a common thread among the three songs, other than attractiveness. “Immortal” is Indie Rock, “Baltimore” is socially conscious Hip Hop, and “Snowflakes” is more aligned with Indie Pop. The Citie has the flexibility to pull off all three.
     The Citie is formed of four siblings and their cousin. They range in age from 17 to 22, according to the band's Facebook page. In addition to Daniel Cohen (bass/vocals), the members of The Citie are Sophia Cohen (vocals), Jona Cohen (drums/vocals), Adrian Cohen (lead guitar/vocals), and Casey Sandino (rhythm guitar/vocals).

     “Immortal” by The Citie (the most recent release)

     “Snowflakes” by The Citie

     “Baltimore (feat. Addict)” by The Citie (In this song, Sophia Cohen's voice has much in common with Fergie's.)

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  1. Great Band, I loved all 3 of there songs, it has been stuck in my head all day! Great Job and Congratz on a new fan! Viva The Citie