Monday, June 8, 2015

“Heartbeat” by East of Here – A Song Review

     “Heartbeat” is a study in contrast. The lyrics are dark, while most of the instrumentation is light. The lyrics represent a discussion between a father and his son after the drug-related death of the son. The discussion is accompanied by electronica percussion and a light guitar flow.
     East of Here is a duo based in Sydney, Australia. The members are Joel Spiteri (guitar, keyboards) and Mike Holm (guitar, vocals).
      “Heartbeat” by East of Here (East of Here is currently allowing free downloads of "Heartbeat" at Triple J Unearthed -

     Other Heartbeats within asimilar genre that deserve attention are embedded below.
      Satellite Stories is from Oula, Finland.

     A second entry from Australia is by Melbourne’s Husky. The members are Husky Gawenda (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Gideon Preiss (Keys, Vocals), Arron Light (Drums, Vocals), Jules Pascoe (bass, when on tour).

     VÉRITÉ is a New York artist. If you agree that “Heartbeat” is solid, make sure you listen to “Wasteland.” In the opinion of Indie Obsessive, “Wasteland” is her strongest song.

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