Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Violet and All Tvvins – Ireland Has Energy

     The subject line of the email submission was “New Irish Indie Band - My Violet.” Most of the Indie Obsessive staff is headed to Ireland next week, so the subject line stood out as if in a more apparent font than those of the other emails in the “Inbox.” Still, it’s the music that matters. If it was the subject line that caused us to open the door to the posting process, it was the song “Disintegrate” that caused us to invite My Violet to enter.
     My Violet is based in Dublin. The members are Joe Kiernan, Darragh Faughey, Brian Sinnott and Paul Donohoe. “Disintegrate” is their only release, so it may be unfair to compare the band’s sound to another group, but the energy and vocals have some alignment with London’s Foals. In particular, the exit from the quieted segment (pianissimo) at about 2:50 is Foals-like.
     We checked for an opportunity to see My Violet at an Irish venue during our visit. No such luck.

     “Disintegrate” by My Violet

     Soundcloud automatically transitions a listener from one song to the next. Because My Violet has only one release, the transition was to music of other bands. That was our introduction to the duo All Tvvins, who also hale from Ireland (Dublin, we think). The two members are Lar Kaye and Conor Adams. In their song “Thank You,” the vocals remind us of TV on the Radio. The guitar reminds us of the pleasant state we reach after having the first cup of morning coffee.

     "Thank You" by All Tvvins

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