Monday, June 1, 2015

Equateur – Creativity Should Be Awarded

     Indie Obsessive tends to stay away from the “House/Pop Electronique” genre, because other bloggers are far more knowledgeable about the genre. But yesterday we received an invitation to review a new release, and the invitation took an approach that was refreshingly new to us. The invitation read:
     “Guys today is mother's day, please help me to buy a villa in Ibiza to my mum next year by posting my remixes on Indie Obsessive!
In short ‘PLANET QUITO’ is out tomorow (deep/chill)”

     The email invitation was from Charles Rocher, who releases his music under the name Equateur. Equateur is based in Paris. 
     In tribute to the approach toward attracting the attention of bloggers, we post one of the songs from today’s release of “Planet Quito.” [The other songs are available for streaming at]
     “I’m Not in Love Part II” by Equateur

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