Saturday, April 22, 2017

“All I've Ever Known” by Motions – A Song Review

     Because its personality regularly evolves, it’s easy to mistakenly conclude that “All I’ve Ever Known” is an almost three-minute crescendo. As the song progresses, instruments are added, voice processing is adjusted, and vocal forcefulness is increased. The differences are made incrementally, so the full effect is only appreciated by jumping from playing the quietly contemplative personality of the first portion to the thunderous assertiveness of the final portion.
     Yes, “All I’ve Ever Known” does include a crescendo. In fact, it’s our favorite intensity build of 2017. It begins around 1:30 and lasts about 30 seconds. That crescendo functions as an emotion escalator, since there is a steady-speed increase in the investment we hold in the message and attitude of the track.

     Motions are a duo based in Dublin, Ireland. The members are Tom Daly and Dave Nulty.
     “All I've Ever Known” by Motions 

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