Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ivy Nations and Declan J Donovan – “Wait For It”

     The instruction “Wait for it” is used as a sentence-enhancing catchphrase. The character Bernie Stinson on the television series “How I Met You Mother” was a regular user/abuser, making statements such as, “It's gonna be legen — wait for it ... and I hope you're not lactose-intolerant 'cause the second half of that word is — dary!”
     This post contains two songs that will be underappreciated if the listener doesn’t wait for it, where “it” represents the portion of the song in which other voices join the lead vocalist. Both tracks are strong from the start, but the most attractive features are missed if the listener is impatient.
     The tempo at the start of “Live By Design” does not foreshadow the closing energy of this offering from Ivy Nations. The feature that makes the song blogworthy begins at 2:57, when the support vocals and the melodic urgency reach their peaks.

     Ivy Nations is a Dublin, Ireland, quartet comprising longtime friends Darragh Faughey and Brian Sinnott (guitars), along with Joe Kiernan on vocals and Paul Donohoe on drums.
     “Live By Design” by Ivy Nations

Lyrics of “Live By Design” by Ivy Nations
I traced your footsteps
They were all I had
Did you wait for me?
Was I too blind to see?

That I engaged in silence
And climbed every wall
To escape the thought
To escape the thoughts
Of someone else

Of someone else

But you cannot define
Or insinuate the secrets there to tell
We live by design
Trying to pick up all the pieces
They hand you down

They hand you down
Hand you down
Hand you down
We're never gonna feel it

We live by design
We live by design
We live out our fantasies

     Declan J Donovan is a 19-year-old in Harlow, Essex. The harmony of “Fallen So Young” qualifies the song for this post. The full impact isn’t felt until the male-female harmonization becomes the focus from 3:10 until 3:42.

     The inspiration in the writing of “Fallen So Young” was a family wedding:
  Written originally as a best man’s speech for his brother’s wedding, Declan’s debut offering is a heartfelt, raw expression of compassion and love. Penned from the point of view of his brother Michael - Declan explains: “‘Fallen So Young’ is about my brother Michael and his wife Hayleigh and how they've been together since they were 15. And still just as in love, 16 years later. It's written as a love letter from Michael to Hayleigh."

     “Fallen So Young” by Declan J Donovan 

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