Wednesday, April 12, 2017

“Fireproof” by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – A Song Review

     We are late to the “Fireproof” party because we stopped to buy beer. Admittedly, that's our only (fictional) excuse for underappreciating the song. Still, on the first day of hockey playoffs, it’s appropriate to post a song with the line “I just lost one tooth.”
     Until this week, we considered “Fireproof” to be a leap into synth. That changed when we heard the track on a stereo with better fidelity at the lower frequency range. The heavy use of the bass/kick drum functioned to achieve a gravitation pull on our attention. The bass drum isn’t limited to its usual role of providing rhythm for the remainder of the drum set and the other elements of the song. Instead, the bass drum is featured.

     Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is driven by Alec Ounsworth of Philadelphia. In an explanation of “Fireproof,”  Ounsworth told NPR that the song is about working to win someone over and then regretting your success in doing so. A person is fireproof if she/he is “dangerously self-confident” in being willing to try things without considering the possibility of later regretting the attempt.
     “Fireproof” by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Lyrics of “Fireproof” by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
The elastic of my snap stick seems to snap down on the fuse
I take a drastic little matchstick and set fire to the tears
I will go around backstage in just my birthday suit
Now that I'm fireproof

It's a candle that you bring to the table
But it's not enough for me
Small favor, my neighbor
My savior you will be
The ring of fire is growing high
But we will never leave

No, no, no...
No, no, no...
No, no, no...
No, no, no...

And I know, I know it's hard to win
But how could I have thought we'd ever lose?
Oh, what a drag it is to win
If I were you, I'd love me, I would love me too

So don't be alarmed, don't be afraid
When it is just a little fire
I'm teaching myself to be sane
And waiting for you to regain your sight
We were in a fire last night
I just lost one tooth
Turns out I'm fireproof

Now that I'm fireproof
Now that I'm fireproof
Now that I'm fireproof

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