Thursday, April 6, 2017

“Tongue-Tied” by Halcyon – A Song Review

     The intro of “Tongue-Tied” has a definite Post-Rock feel. Low-distortion electric guitar and bass define a timbre within a motif that is somehow both evolving and repetitive. Then, 30 seconds into the song, vocals enter. No, it isn’t a Post-Rock track. The voice is strong, but the song is best appreciated by focusing on the instruments dancing below the vocals. The mixing places the percussion at an equal level with the voice of Rory Mitchell, while the bass and guitar are at a lower texture level, despite the skills in the composition and playing of the instruments.
     The arrangement works well. But for the almost 90-second outro, the instruments mount a successful coup, and the vocals are pushed to the lower texture level. The final conclusion - the genre is Dream Pop, with a greater emphasis on the Dream component.

     Halcyon is a Brighton-based band formed by Rory Mitchell (lead vocals, guitar), Sam Bowen (backing vocals, synth), Luke Colwell (bass), and Ben Leftley (drums).
      “Tongue-Tied” by Halcyon 

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