Thursday, April 27, 2017

“Down Down” (feat. Thurz) by LAIKIPIA – A Song Review

     “Down Down” is a skillful weave of genres and influences. It’s a musical equivalent to a professionally decorated guest room with an eclectic assembly of themes that fit tightly together despite their diverse origins.
     The first few seconds of the song from LAIKIPIA have the acoustic-guitar Folktronica vibe of a Milky Chance track. But “Down Down” also incorporates Hip-Hop, as the Los Angeles artist Thurz (Yannick Koffi) enters with a touch of (and a mention of “outcast,” but not in the context of the Hip-Hop group). The song also includes elements of Electronica (of course), Pop and Cinematic Horror (particularly the wolf howls).
     Still, as with all tracks, the less apparent touches make the difference. “Down Down” is a song that requires repeated play to catch and appreciate those touches. The backing vocals have two components during the early portion of the track - male voices provide a low range “ummm” and female voices provide harmonization. Our favorite touch in the middle of the song is the use of chest-vibrating frequency plunges (for example, at 2:21). Then, in the last 30 seconds, a kazoo-like sound (probably synth-generated) supports the other activity.

     The SubmitHub content regarding the song states:
  “Down Down” is a story of revenge and consequence, a song about what can happen if someone gets pushed too far....
  LAIKIPIA is a transatlantic electronic music duo made up of Xander Rawlins and Taylor Harrison. Xander is a singer- songwriter and producer from Bath, England, while Taylor is a classically trained musician and electronic music producer from Los Angeles, California. The duo have recently completed their first UK tour, filmed multiple experimental music videos, and are set to release more original music throughout the coming months.

     “Down Down” (feat. Thurz) by LAIKIPIA


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    Awesome comprehensive review. Know any more songs like this one? They other ones from this group aren't like it. I'm obsessed with it and need more.

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