Tuesday, April 25, 2017

“Little Voices” by White Cassette – A Song Review

     “Little Voices” carries a sophistication through its message of disorder. That’s apparent from the beginning of the song from White Cassette. “Little Voices” introduces itself with a calming, slow-building omnichord output. But it’s quickly joined by percussion that signals a sense of urgency. The almost contradictory sentiments coexist, until a guitar hook tips the balance by siding with the percussion. Hearing “little voices” would be disruptive and unappealing, but White Cassette bundles the complication within an energetically engaging package.
     The sophistication of the song is reflected in its attention to detail. The best example is the anguished cry generated by the guitar at the 2:02 mark. Still other aspects that make “Little Voices” praiseworthy are the abilities of multiple band members to contribute to the vocals and the accomplished interplay among the instruments.

     White Cassette is based in Boston. The six members are Max Bridges (vocals, omnichords), Casey Ruggiero (vocals, keyboards), Sam Witty (keyboards), Devon Dawson (guitars, keyboards, vocals), Cory Roberts (bass, vocals), and Ross Rivers (drums, percussion).
     “Little Voices” by White Cassette 

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