Friday, April 14, 2017

“Would You” by APHRA – A Song Review

     “Would You” carries vocal harmonization in multiple dimensions. In additional to the conventional harmonic combination of pitches, a chord is struck by combining emotions during portions of “Would You.” In the lyrics that are included in this post, those portions are underlined and italicized. It’s the effectiveness of hitting the emotional chord that distinguishes the song from other vocally rich tracks and makes “Would You” a keeper.
     A single voice is heard at the start of the track. The subject matter is emotional; and while the voice conveys the emotion, it remains slightly detached. Soon, a more angelic voice enters to aid in asking three questions, starting with “Would you tell me how I’m feeling?”
    Still, it’s only those portions when the anguished, third vocalization takes place that the listener senses the angst of “Would You.” And it’s while all three emotional states are represented that the track flowers into its full beauty.

     APHRA is the performance name of Philadelphia’s Rebecca Waychunas. “Would  You” is on APHRA’s recently released debut EP, "Sadness Is a Gesture."  The full EP is available on Bandcamp – CLICK HERE.

“Lyrics of “Would You” by APHRA
If I’m perceived as reckless
If I refused to read the news
If I get up to change the station
Til I’m in a better mood

Would you tell me how I’m feeling?
Would you do what you want to?
Would you love me, love me, would you?

You’re the traffic outside my window
You’re the stuff I spread on toast
When I choose to sit in silence
It’s you I hear the most

Don’t tell me what I’m feeling
I’ll just do what I want to
Would you love me, love me, would you?

The older generations they didn’t get to choose
But if you asked me tomorrow
Oh I’ll probably say I do

We all need a revolution
We’re too busy making do
Would you love me, love me, would you?

Lonely isn’t so lonely
When you realize what’s true
That nothing really matters
And there’s nothing you can do

But let’s make the best of something
Let’s do what we want to

Oh love me, love me, would you?
Just love me, love me, would you?
Will you love me, love me, would you?

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