Monday, April 17, 2017

“Lucky” by Geron Hoy – A Song Premiere

     With his first release in five years, Geron Hoy delivers a reflective, quietly uplifting track entitled “Lucky.” The song has an elegance shaped by elements of simplicity. For example, “Lucky” includes a four-note hook that has the sound of a glockenspiel. The four notes are heard at various times through the track, but the mixing strategically varies their prominence between a front-and-center position and a fainter background state.

     It is difficult for a singer/songwriter to gain traction on a crowded road that is difficult to navigate. But Geron Hoy has the skills. Through much of “Lucky,” the vocal presentation takes an even-keeled approach. Despite the positive outlook behind the lyrics, the emotions remain in check. But there are times when the vocals and emotions are allowed to soar, such as during the asking of the question “Oh what do I say to make it not go away?” Hoy’s effectiveness in varying intonation provides a reason to believe his already sizeable fan base will expand soon.

     Well after concluding that “Lucky” is blogworthy, the highly textured final segment entered with its combination of harmonica and supporting vocals layered below the consistently pleasing lead vocals. The short guitar-driven crescendo at 2:33 only adds to the appeal of the segment.

     Geron Hoy is based in Philadelphia. In addition to his contributions to writing and performing “Lucky,” Hoy self-produced the track.

Lyrics of “Lucky” by Geron Hoy
Maybe I’m out in the middle of the woods
Maybe the leaves don’t fall as they should
But I’m feeling good
And I’m feeling lucky

Maybe the sun’s burning my skin
Better to burn than not feel anything
Yea I’m feeling good
And I’m feeling lucky

Oh what do I say to make it not go away
Oh I just wanna stay, please let me stay

I’m no stranger to a broken heart
Sometimes in life you need a new start

And I know you feel misunderstood
But I know you know that you know you could
Start feeling good
Start feeling lucky

Yea I’m feeling good
And I’m feeling lucky
[Repeat 2x]

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