Thursday, October 12, 2017

“Bathory Baby” by 8/7 Central – A Song Review

     When an instrumental bridge is a minute long, it had better be strong. If not, listeners are not likely to return. The flood of music that’s now available is a blessing for Indieheads who enjoy the hunt, but a curse for bands that aren’t generating catchy Pop songs. “Bathory Baby” has a one-minute bridge that invites returns.

     Vocally, the lyrics are delivered in a deeper range and with less expression than most songs posted on Indie Obsessive. Judging from the previously posted track from 8/7 Central, “Missile,” the low-level intonation is a characteristic of the band’s sound. 8/7 Central has the skill to communicate emotion without being emotional. Still, “Bathory Baby” does provide contrast, as the higher octave backing vocals are gentler (first heard at 0:54).

     The most interesting segment of “Bathory Baby” is the vocals-free minute beginning at 2:52. A number of instruments contribute, but not in a coordinated, smoothly orchestrated manner. While the segment is melodic, the contributors have their separate approaches. The segment begins with a guitar that is near suitable for a train-crossing warning signal. The percussion maintains the rhythm, but isn’t synched to any other instrument. There is a fuzzed contributor and one that seems to simulate a Theremin (best heard starting at 3:30).

     8/7 Central takes its name from a televised description regularly heard in many U.S. states. If a TV program begins at 8:00 in the Eastern Time Zone, it will begin at 7:00 Central. They are based in Brooklyn, NY. The members of 8/7 Central are Victor Crusner (guitar, vocals), Evan Banks (guitar), Stephen Kingslow (bass), and Florian Mewes (drums).

     “Bathory Baby” by 8/7 Central 

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