Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Tash Sultana Visits The Fillmore – A Concert Review

     On October 21, Tash Sultana headlined at The Fillmore in San Francisco. The experience was electrifying. Tash is a “looper.” That is, she plays and records a guitar or other instrument as a first layer of a song, then replays the recording while adding additional layers. Her performance on a late night show is included in this post.

     We’ve seen and appreciated the skills of other loopers, including Grimes, Jack Garratt, and Julien Baker. The difference with Tash Sultana is she comfortably travels through diverse genres, keeping her set fresher. Within her best-known track, “Jungle,” she showcases both a Caribbean rhythm and a Rock guitar. Another difference involves her vocal power and range.

     Sultana isn’t shy about sharing her viewpoints. She listed bias-specific reasons why attendees should “Get the fuck outta here!” Most were based on attitudes toward sexual preferences. She also talked about having to cut her European tour short because of symptoms of mental issues. Her honesty was enlightening and refreshing.

     Two weeks ago, someone asked us why the 12-string guitar seems to have disappeared. Sultana found one for her encore! At the start of “Blackbird” (not the Beatles track), she showed her skills in using the traditional approach to playing the instrument. Then, she exhibited exceptional skill by restricting both hands to the guitar neck. 

      “Jungle” by Tash Sultana

     Opening the evening was a performance that is best described as a party. Like Tash Sultana, Pierce Brothers are from Melbourne. They have infectious energy, an ability to get the full attention and cooperation from concert-goers, an array of instruments (including harmonica and the didgeridoo), and an enviable chemistry.

     “Overdose” by Pierce Brothers

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