Friday, October 13, 2017

“Lion” by SomeKindaWonderful – A Song Review

     We checked the definition of “coalesce” to ensure we’re using it properly. “To unite so as to form one body.” Yep, that describes SomeKindaWonderful. It’s evidenced by the “camel capped” name of the duo from Cleveland/Los Angeles. In their case, it’s a three-humped camel of three capital letters. More importantly, SomeKindaWonderful unites elements of different genres to generate singles with the instant appeal of Pop, the technological complexity of Electronica, and touches of the traditional allure of Rock.

     SomeKindaWonderful artfully brings together the vocal and instrumental skills of Jordy Towers with the producer skills of Nicolai Potthoff. Their latest release, “Lion,” is an good illustration. At times, the pitch of a difficult-to-hit high note is reached and then smoothly held and, at other times, the vocals are presented as samples. Similarly, the instrumental support ranges from a gentle acoustic guitar (at the intro and outro) to attention-grabbing sampling.

     In describing the inspiration of “Lion,” Jordy Towers explained:
"I'm getting older and I'm starting to feel my mortality in everything I see. The seasons are changing but I know that in my heart I'm a soldier and I'm forever young and curious in my heart."

     “Lion” by SomeKindaWonderful 


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