Tuesday, October 24, 2017

“I Would Not Be Wise” by Shane Tully – A Song Review

     The vocals of “I Would Not Be Wise” have a consistently quiet strength, while the supporting lead guitar mostly flutters but also has a fling with flittering. Without getting entrenched in the analogy, the fluttering is the rapid guitar picking that allows the instrument to hover over the vocals and other elements of the track from Shane Tully. We particularly enjoy the guitar hover that occurs after the 2:30 mark of the song. In comparison, “flitter” is more random and unpredictable. At the two-minute mark, the guitar enters into a brief flitter that is attractive, well-positioned, and well-executed.

     Tully provided the vocals and rhythm guitar for "I Would Not Be Wise." The electric guitar belongs to Anthony Ajluni. Other contributors include Gabe Bustos (bass) and  Sam Balcom (drums).

     The lyrics include only three stanzas, enough to draw praise. The first two stanzas end with related messages, although presented in different poetic verse. At first, the thought regarding foes is to “shed a light on their fear.” The later twist in thinking is to “shed a light on the deer.”

     Shane Tully is based in Brooklyn. “I Would Not Be Wise” is the second track from the album “Phantom Followed,” (scheduled release – Oct. 25). The album was recorded at Memphis Trap Studios in Tully’s hometown of Baltimore, Maryland.

     “I Would Not Be Wise” by Shane Tully 

Lyrics of “I Would Not Be Wise” by Shane Tully
The time has come to
Throw my foes in the throes
I've got a mind to
Shed a light on their fear

The time has come to
Lure more in the door
I've got a mind to
Shed a light on the deer

When it comes time to
Throw my foes in the throes
I would not be wise to improvise

Credits for the album “Phantom Followed:”
Song written by Shane Tully
Rhythm Guitar/Vocals: Shane Tully
Electric Guitar: Anthony Ajluni
Bass: Gabe Bustos
Drums: Sam Balcom
Produced by: Gabe Bustos
Co-Produced by: Shane Tully & Anthony Ajluni
Engineered by: Gabe Bustos
Mixed by: Matt Boynton
Mastered by: Sarah Register
Artwork by: Shane Tully, Kendall McCoy and Jamie McCoy

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