Tuesday, October 3, 2017

“Heresy” by Cavalry – A Song Review

     Calvary has resurfaced with “Heresy,” which will be on the band’s debut EP of later this year. In a blog post of late 2015, we offered to help Cavalry with the paperwork for attending SXSW 2016 because “We figure our best chance to see this Liverpool band prior to the hopefully inevitable popularity explosion is to attend a performance in Austin next March.” Well, the explosion hasn’t occurred yet (at least not in the U.S.), but the fuse is burning toward the release of the EP.

     “Heresy” is more philosophical than past releases of Cavalry. The theme relates to a search for hope in dark times. But, like previous songs, the guitar work is stellar and crescendos are well placed and executed. In “Heresy,” a brief percussion-driven crescendo begins at 2:57 to guide the transition from dream-state vocals to the song’s climax.   

     The members of Cavalry are Steven Taylor (guitar), Gareth Dawson (drums), Alan Croft (lead vocals), Austin Logan (guitar) and Paul James Jones (bass).

     “Heresy” by Cavalry 

     “Soak” by Cavalry 

     “Everything” by Cavalry 

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