Monday, October 2, 2017

“The Bay” by Stereo Honey – A Song Review

     The intro of “The Bay” shapes an expectation and plants the seed of hope that the song will remain strong to its conclusion. The track from London’s Stereo Honey delivers.

     In view of the inspiration for “The Bay,” it is fitting that the song begins with a sound having characteristics similar to a warning siren. The percussion and bass soon join and, slightly later, there is a hint of high frequency guitar. With the end of the intro, the vocals enter. Pete Restrick has the vocal skills to take residence in the falsetto range without sounding forced or strained.

     Still, our favorite section of “The Bay” doesn’t start until the 1:05 mark. Crystalline guitar steps forward, supported by steady-beat percussion and a rhythmic guitar. After about 15 seconds, the vocals return and a guitar is played percussively. There are a number of reasons for placing “The Bay” at the top of the list of recently released tracks.  

     The members of Stereo Honey are Pete Restrick (vocals, guitar), Nicky Boiardi (guitars, keys), Ben Edwards (bass), and Jake Black (drums). In discussing the inspiration for "The Bay:"
  "In 2004, twenty-three people lost their lives at Morecambe Bay. These were undocumented and exploited labourers trafficked from southern China, who knew very little of the local geography and, failing to heed the warning signs, became trapped by the incoming tide. Caught miles off the shore in the pitch black of night, surrounded by rising water and dangerous quicksand, all but one of them drowned. Of the twenty-four people that went out onto the bay that night, only one was rescued. Twenty-one bodies were recovered from the water. Two of them could not be found.
  Vocalist Pete Restrick said on writing the lyrics, 'I was thirteen when the Morecambe Bay tragedy happened. My grandparents had a caravan on the edge of the bay at Grange-over-Sands. I remember me and my brothers playing there when we visited Morecambe, running out into the sand under the close watch of my dad who would shout at us if we ran too far out.
  The lyrics of this song entail both a physical connection and a personal memory to an event I could not fully understand at the time. ‘The Bay’ is a love song written from the perspective of the two bodies that were never recovered, clinging onto one another whilst the water rises around them. ‘Here comes the tide, wait for a lifeline / Place your fingers in mine, we'll wait for a lifetime.''"

     “The Bay” by Stereo Honey 

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