Wednesday, October 11, 2017

“Drowning” by Embers – A Song Review

     Embers have outdone themselves. In 2013, “Part of the Echoes” brought attention to the band by adding strings and continuous choir-like backing vocals to a song that was already deserving of praise. Earlier this year, they released “Signs,” another track featuring distortion-free guitar and a richness that is uncommon among songs from Indie bands. Still, “Drowning” is a step forward for Embers. “Drowning” justifies the use of the term “artists” when referring to musicians.

     When we hear a song with demanding vocals and a complexity in its texturing, there is a question of whether it can be performed in a live setting. YouTube videos provide the necessary evidence and Embers proved more than capable with its recorded performance of “Drowning” at Manchester's Albert Hall. The video is included in this post.

     Embers are a band from Manchester, UK. The members are George Agan (vocals, guitar), Steven McInerney (guitar), Will Clutton (bass, keys), and Dan Houghton (percussion). "Drowning" is scheduled for release via iTunes on November 24.  According to McInerney, We've tried merging electronic influences and the whole song is a lot more of a slow burner with some Bon Iver/London Grammar and choral influences, with almost trip hop beats. A hugely more atmospheric and measured approach for us.”

      Quoting press materials for "Drowning:"
  "With 'Drowning' we wanted to create something intense, dark and cinematic, yet meaningful. It’s a step into the unfamiliar for us. We wanted to infuse our sound with the down tempo electronic tracks we’d been listening to - to create something that was different from anything we’d tried before. We focused on manipulating live choral vocals to leave the effect of a song swirling around the distorted beats and it took on this feeling of being gradually submerged and being unable to come up for breath.”

     “Drowning” by Embers 

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