Friday, October 6, 2017

Wy and Fifth Dawn - Free Friday (FL&R)

     Free and Legal Downloads? Yes, at least temporarily. Bands often temporarily permit free downloads of their releases.  The end of an offer may be based on the expiration of a set period of time or on a limited number of downloads.  But at least for now, here are songs that qualify as Free, Legal and Recommended (FL&R) downloads.
     Finding songs that can be legally downloaded is easy. The difficult task is to find legally downloadable music that we recommend. Our plan is to post at least one FL&R song each Friday.
     The Swedish duo of Michel Gustafsson and Ebba Ågren performs under the name Wy. They self-identify their genre as “hyper-desperate.” Interesting. 
          We particularly favor their single "Gone Wild," because the calm passion of the song is temporarily interrupted by a thunderous instrumental bridge (at 3:29).
     “Gone Wild” by Wy 

Lyrics of “Gone Wild” by Wy
What if my dog died when I was in Tokyo?
What if dad died before I turned twenty-four?
In my head they all live forever
And I could never let go

I should have brought you more than my love
Some warm clothes for you lover
'Cause I couldn't keep you warm
I couldn't keep you warm enough

I don't want to have to pay for my sins
'Cause you know that I'm broken and I only speak bullshit
I'm sorry that I bother you with my friendship
You know that I'm crude and you know that I'm selfish

So anti-social but can't stand to be alone
I try to speak with bigger words when I pick up the phone
Nobody knows that I'm funny or kind
Don't know if they're blind or if I'm just hard to read
Can't be anything
(No way)

Like dogs gone wild
I'll love them anyway

Like dogs gone wild
I'll love them anyway

And I'm stuck thinking of last year again
When I was making money and I was making friends
What if I actually stayed in one mood
But all I say is cruel and I'm red and I'm blue

Am I dumb, or am I lame or too boring for her?
I couldn't dance no matter where we were
Am I self-centered for thinking that they're leaving me?
Do I pretend to be lonely?
Do they care enough to see?
Do they give a fuck?
(No way)

Like dogs gone wild
I'll love them anyway

Like dogs gone wild
I'll love them anyway

[Instrumental bridge]

Maybe it's not me, babe
Maybe I'm almost sane
Maybe I'm almost
     If you enjoy the vocal styling of Amy Lee during the early days of Evanescence, it is likely you will want to become familiar with the Australian band Fifth Dawn. The members are Sam Faul (vocals), Mark Robertson (lead guitar), Jamie Panucci (rhythm guitar), and Ethan Pye (bass).
      “Pressure” by Fifth Dawn - To access the free download, go to Triple J site ( and click the download arrow.  

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