Tuesday, October 10, 2017

“Home Love” by George Glew – A Song Review

     The textural pattern of “Home Love” is one that alternates between compassionate, levitated vocals supported by gentle instrumentation and encouraging gang vocals driven by chest-thumping percussion. In its gentler texture, the lyrics are directed to a person who is in a dark area of life - “You’re counting the days till you die.” The pattern transition is marked by the offer, “Take my hand, I will guide you home.” During the third and final occurrence of the the gang vocals, the periodic declaration “Home Love” provides a second layer in the texture.

     George Glew explains “Home Love” as “a song about empathizing with someone who is at their lowest.  Knowing that everyone goes through hardships and low points and doing something to help that person. Acknowledging that you've been through a time similar to this person creates a vulnerability which I think comes across in the song.”

     This is the third release by George Glew in a plan to drop a new single each month for a year. “Home Love” first surfaced on October 5, via Atomizer Records. The two previous singles, “Bury Me” and “Me And My Brother” have already been streamed over 295,000 times on Spotify.

      George Glew was born and raised in South Wales. The singer-songwriter now resides in Bristol.
     “Home Love” by George Glew

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