Saturday, October 26, 2013

Folks We Oughta Know – The October Version

     We haven’t posted a “Folks We Oughta Know” blog entry since August. Since there is a World Series game today, we are going with the excuse of “The sun got in our eyes.” Well, the sun is becoming less of a problem as the winter months approach, so let’s get this entry going.

     Pocket Panda is a six member band in Seattle, Washington. The members are Eric Herbig (Guitar, Banjo, Keys, Vocals), Mike Waller (Keys, Glockenspiel, Harmonica, Accordion), Jordan Cunningham (Mandolin, Banjo, Vocals), Chris Allen (Bass, Vocals), Hazel Scher (Drums) and David Cho (Violin). Yes - banjos, glockenspiel, harmonica, accordion, violin and mandolin.  
     Pocket Panda describes its music as “rustic, orchestral-tinged folk.” We are partial to the song “City,” which includes an attractive cooperation of male and female vocals and a strong finish.
     "City" by Pocket Panda


     Staying in the northwestern United States, we introduce Hollow Wood to the blogsite. Hollow Wood is based in Boise, Idaho. The members are Adam Stip, Hayden Jensen, Lyndsay Wright, Jeff Bull Jr, Danika McClure, Katelynne Jones, and Eric Steiger.
     Hollow Wood has been producing music since at least 2010, so the temptation to assert that their sound is greatly influenced by the 2012 success of the Lumineers should be resisted. However, it is fair to say that if you enjoy the Lumineers, it would be in your best interest to pay attention to Hollow Wood. And if you don’t agree with our comparison between the two bands, but you share our appreciation for songs that have energy surges, you still have a good reason to pay attention to Hollow Wood.
      We are embedding two songs by Hollow Wood, since we fluctuate in our assessment of which song we like more. The song “Little Bird” was released in September 2012. The song is a little subdued at its start, but we love the band chats toward the end. Don't make the mistake of judging the song before it begins its surges. In addition to the comparison with the Lumineers, there is a little Jake Bugg starting at the 6:00 mark. 
     "Little Bird" by Hollow Wood - Currently available as a free download at CLICK HERE

     "Memento Mori" by Hollow Wood - Available for the price of an email address at CLICK HERE

     Depending upon which song is playing, good arguments can be made for Ha Ha Tonka being eligible and ineligible for a post directed to the Indie Folk genre. In fact, two songs are embedded below, with “Rewrite Our Lives” being evidence of eligibility and “Lessons” showing ineligibility.
     Ha Ha Tonka is a Chicago band, but originated in West Plains, Missouri. The members are Brett Anderson (keyboard, guitar, and vocals), Lennon Bone (drums and vocals), Lucas Long (bass and vocals), Brian Roberts (guitar and vocals).
     "Rewrite Our Lives" by Ha Ha Tonka - currently a free download

     "Lessons" by Ha Ha Tonka - currently a free download. Typically, we are not in favor of repeative lyrics, but "I can't keep learning the same lessons over again" seems appropriate for the theme of this song.


     Bradenton, Florida gives us the band Have Gun, Will Travel.  
"Standing at the End of the World" by Have Gun, Will Travel

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